How To Draw Male Clothing Style 2

Male clothing style 2 represents full formal classic attire. It also reflects an image of a business personality. The male clothing style 2 is complete formal attire with a classy suit and formal boots. You do not have to worry anymore because here is the quickest guide on how to draw male clothing style2.

Step 1: Draw the shape and body frame of a man standing with one arm in front of his leg, and the other arm at his side.
Step 2: We start this stage by curving out the long sleeve shirt that is being buttoned and with tie. Note: The tie is below the navel position;
Step 3: Here, we draw the fitted pant trousers with the zip position and a tiny belt;
Step 4: Shoe time! Yes, at this stage we draw the shoes base on the positioning of the legs;
Step 5: We are almost there! We curve out the blazer at this stage. It is a classic fitted, single breasted with two buttons and with pocket square and slight lines at both right and left front side of the blazer starting from collar down;

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