How To Draw A Chibi Boy

Chibi characters are always fun to draw. Here is a cute chibi boy in a sitting position with his arms crossed. This is a very simple design with only 8 steps. With much practice soon you will be able to draw your very own chibi characters in your own cool style.

Step 1: Draw a circle then outline of the boy with face guidelines in the head region.
Step 2: Draw the cheek, two curved lines for the eyebrows, one open eye and one closed winking eye. Also draw a open smiling mouth.
Step 3: Draw the spiky hair, also make sure that some hair lies along the boys face, but not covering the eyes.
Step 4: Now begin to draw the top portion of the body. Begin with the shoulder part of the jacket, then extend curved lines for the arm.
Step 5: Next draw in the bottom part of the jacket.
Step 6: We are now going to fill in the pants. Remember to follow the guide of the lines for the legs and feet.
Step 7: Draw little curved lines for the shoes.
Step 8: You are now all done. Be sure to erase previous guidelines and get to coloring your chibi anime style sitting boy.

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