How To Draw A Chibi Super Hero

Not very often do we get to draw female superheros, not to mention cool chibi ones. This is a generic female chibi with a little super flare. Now lets get started.

Step 1: We will begin by drawing a circle for the head, then an outline of the body. The outline will start off with broad shoulders and work out way down to the legs with stick figures.
Step 2: We will now start sketching out the face. Since her hair will be covering her face we will only need to draw one eye. Be sure to also sketch out her check and a little line for the mouth to make a sly smile.
Step 3: On to the hair, the hair here a can be in any style that you prefer. Here we will make it long and swooping down. Be sure to make sure it covers the majority of the face.
Step 4: Now to time to draw in the upper body. Since this chibi is female we will want to make her chest somewhat curvy to indicate that she has breasts. Don't forget to add detail to the sleeves and the top portion of the cape.
Step 5: Now we will fill in the her super hero symbol on her chest. For this particular drawing we will give her an octagon shape as her symbol. We will also draw in a simple belt by adding a circle at her waist and then sketch in the arms along the guidelines.
Step 6: It is now time to draw her lower body, just extend lines along the guidelines to create the legs/pants. Be sure to also draw her boots by drawing a horizontal line across her legs. Her feet are also slight triangles at the bottom.
Step 7: All we have to do now is draw the cap. This is pretty easy just draw out partial lines behind the chibi as shown, don't forget the crease marks to make it seem as it is flowy.
Step 8: That is it we now have a cute chibi female super hero ready to kick butt!

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