How To Draw A Chibi Princess

Ice princesses have become really popular as of late. So its only fitting that we create a cute chibi one for today's drawing tutorial. Our ice princess will also come equipped with a snowflake. Now on to the chilling tutorial.

Step 1: We begin by drawing a circle (1), then below the circle, draw another smaller circle (2); from the left side of the smaller circle, make a curve line across the smaller circle, at the curve line end, draw another little circle (3), at the right of circle 2, make a line that will intersect but below the curve line of the left. Next, draw a sitting oval, then at the both side of the oval draw lines. Finally, draw a semi-circle with a meeting point with previous oval lines.
Step 2: Sketch out the Chibi Princess’ head. To do that, sketch out the hair in circle 1.
Step 3: Sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth inside the face circle. Note: Ensure that some hairs are covering the forehead.
Step 4: Below the head, complete the chest with the drawing of her cloth and the right hand with a finger stretch
Step 5: Sketch out the skirt from the semi-circle drawn in stage 1.
Step 6: Now sketch out the left hand and the flower.
Step 7: Now sketch out the shadow around the drawing.
Step 8: Wow, completed! It is time to color Chibi Princess.

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