How To Draw A Chibi Ninja

Ninjas are always awesome to draw, but chibi ones are even better. In this tutorial we will draw a female ninja in a jumping position. Our ninja is going to look super cool with her sword and war torn scarf. Let's us begin!

Step 1: First we will begin by drawing the circle with guidelines for the face as shown above. Next we will extended two lines at angles to create the arms in motion. We will then draw a curved W below the arms to indicate where the breasts will be. Finally we will create curved lines for the legs.
Step 2: Now we will draw in details for the face. Sketch in the cheek at the lower right corner of the guide circle. Then draw in 2 big eyes with serious eyebrows, and a small line for the closed mouth.
Step 3: We will now draw in the hair. She will have long hair at her sides, then we will draw a M above and between her eyes to create a hair line. Be sure not to cover her face with her hair.
Step 4: In this step we will create the scarf. All this is are raggedy lines behind her head/hair. We will also draw straighter lines in a crooked manor to indicate that draw strings of her headband.
Step 5: Here we will just add more hair behind her head, scarf and headband strings.
Step 6: No we are on to the top portion of her body. Use the W we drew earlier to fill in her chest, with her scarf showing right above it. Then use the line guide marks to create her arms. She will also have a sword which is drawn as shown.
Step 7: Her legs are next be sure to follow the guide marks created in step one to make her look as though she is jumping. Also fill in outline details for her boots and cape.
Step 8: Our ninja is now complete ready to be colored and become a master shinobi.

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