How To Draw A Chibi School Girl

School girls are a staple in anime/manga culture. They come in all shapes and sizes, hair colors and hair styles. This particular chibi school girl will be one that is walking down a hall, with pigtails, her book bag to her side and a large bow on her uniform.

Step 1: Here we will draw a basic stick figure as show above. Circle for the head, long line for the body and lines for the shoulders, arms and legs.
Step 2: Next it is time to draw the outline of the body. We will draw her lower jaw at the bottom of the circle, along with a small half circle for her ear. Next is the rest of her body, just follow the guidelines created in the previous step as shown in the example.
Step 3: Details for her face and hair are next. Draw 2 big eyes and a small line for a smile. She will have bangs, a barrette, and a bow tie behind her ear to create the pigtail.
Step 4: Here we will draw in details for top portion of her uniform. Be sure to follow the body lines and to create the bow. Also sketch out the bottom of her bag below her arm.
Step 5: The lower part of her uniform is now next. We will be extending lines under her shirt to create the skirt with added creases to make it look flowy. Don't for get to add lines to create her shoes.
Step 6: Erase any guidelines and our school girl is ready for some color. We gave her uniform more a purple blue color scheme.

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