How To Draw A Chibi Cat Girl

Step 1: We are drawing a Chibi girl, wow! A brief sketch mode first. First, draw a slant circle to the left. At the top of the circle, curve out a pair of horn that faces left and right respectively. Next, below the circle, curve out a center oval (Note: leave a space in between the circle and the oval). Next is curving out a very small oval to the left, and then draw a score line (√) to link to the center oval. Next, draw another big oval to the right and link it with the center oval. Now, from the bottom of initial circle, draw a slight line that is curve to the left which passes through the center oval and move out; where the line stops, draw an oval facing left then curve out a “V” with its bottom facing left from there draw a circle. Finally, curve out the leg with an oval on the left leg.
Step 2: At the top of the circle, curve out wiggling and flared hair with the pair of horn.
Step 3: Here, the facial features are curved out. A pair of eyebrow, eyes and a opened mouth. Note: The face is a smiling face. Draw the top cloth with tie and a flared shirt.
Step 4: Curve out the hands-left and right with a fight fist arm.
Step 5: Then, curve out the legs
Step 6: Next, we curve out the tail. The tail is in shape of “S” but in a reverse format.
Step 7: Time for coloring our Chibi Cat Girl with appropriate color.

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