How To Draw A Dog Emoji

Dog is known as the man’s best friend. Dogs are friendly, faithful and beautiful. They are also very playful and active. A dog emoji shows that a cute dog is smiling with its tongue out, thus it represents a happy moment. For beginners who are willing to learn, here is quick guide on how to draw a dog emoji easily.


How To Draw A Schnauzer

Schnauzer’s are a breed of dog that originate from Germany. Schnauzer is German for “snout”, which makes sense since this dog does have a large one. The schnauzers snout also looks very moustachy which kind of makes them look like bearded old men. These dogs are very energetic which makes them great pets for active people.


How To Draw A Poodle

Poodle is a very cute dog breed. They look extremely adorable and lovely. People love to have them because of their personality. They are easily trainable and faithful. Poodles have excellent intelligence skills and they are very active in nature. Poodles are originated in France and Germany. Here is a simple guide on how to draw a poodle.


How To Draw A Happy Dog

Dogs are known to be a very cute type of animal, that are faithful to their owners. If your dog smells any clothing that has your scent, it’ll comfort them and it can help reduce their separation anxiety. They have special smelling abilities. Their sense of smell is 10,000 times effective than that of humans’. Their sense of smell can be used by the security agents to detect crime. To draw a happy dog, there are several things to put in place because the facial expression matters a lot. Here is a step by step illustration on how to draw a dog.


How To Draw A Maltese

A Maltese looks like a stuff toy more than of a real dog animal. Besides its beautiful skin, a Maltese is extremely fond of good companionship. Therefore, a Maltese doesn’t likes to be lonely and wants a friendly environment. For new learners who are willing to improve, here is a quick tutorial on how to draw a Maltese.