How To Draw A Rottweiler

Rottweilers are protective and territorial dogs, that are brave and devote beasts. They originate in Germany where they were many used to herd livestock, and pull carts for butchers. Now they are used as service dogs; Either for search and rescue missions, police dogs, guide dogs, or guard dogs.

Step 1: Start with circle shapes, one for the head, one smaller circle for the neck and two circles for the body, sketch out one facial guideline as shown.
Step 2: Now draw out the actual head for your Rottweiler which will be blocky. As you know these dogs have long hanging ears. Draw in the ears.
Step 3: Next thing you need to do is draw out the bottom part of the dog’s face which is chin, draw the nose as well with the help of oval shape, draw the tongue with the help of ”U” shape.
Step 4: Draw circular eyes on the facial guideline, also draw outlines for the dog’s legs as shown.
Step 5: Using the lines as guided draw the dog’s front and hind legs.
Step 6: Add details to the legs, draw few lines at the bottom for the toes.
Step 7: Highlight each and every outline.

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