How To Draw A Chibi Husky

Huskys are cute dogs, that very much look like wolfs. If you are fond of dogs, then you not help but fall in love with this chibi husky. Here is the easiest way to draw this little thing.

Step 1: Simply start by drawing a circle for the face on a blank paper. Then draw the other circles and lines just like the outline.
Step 2: Now connect the top two circles to create the head, and then add pointy ears.
Step 3: Now draw two big circles for eyes and an inverted triangle with curved edges for the nose.
Step 4: It’s now time to draw the body of the dog. Draw the front legs and paws.
Step 5: Next add the back legs.
Step 6: In this step all we are doing is adding the tail.
Step 7: Erase all the unnecessary lines and darken the outlines.
Step 8: Shade in the fur as shown in this step.
Step 7: Pick up some color as it is coloring time now. Your Chibi husky’s drawing is ready to be put on a wall.

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