How To Draw A Cat With A Yarn Ball

Cats can be cute all by themselves, though a cat with a yarn ball is even cuter. Yarn balls are a cats best friend, today I'm going to show you how to draw a cat laying down playing with one.

Step 1: First draw two circles, the back one circle slightly wider than the other. Now you are going to connect the circles with one squigley line on top and a straight line on the bottom.
Step 2: Next we are going to fill-in the hind legs and sketch in the front leg as shown in the picture.
Step 3: We are now going to draw to the front paw, and tail. The tail is just a curvy backwards C shape.
Step 4: Now it's onto the face. First draw two triangles on opposite sides of the first circle. Then we will draw the eyes, the nose, and the mouth.
Step 5: All we have to do now is draw on the whiskers and the yarn ball. The yarn ball is just a circle with a squiggly line and that's attached to it.
Step 6: Our cat playing with the yarn ball is now complete, you just have to fill in the details for the yarn ball and get coloring.

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