How To Draw A Black Cat

Black cats are usually looked upon as symbols of bad luck, especially if one crosses your path. Superstitions aside we will be drawing a cute black cat. This black cat will go along great with other Halloween drawings, now lets begin.

Step 1: Begin by drawing an oval and a circle and then connect them with a curved line
Step 2: Draw two triangles at the opposite ends of the oval to become the ears.
Step 3: Now we will draw the back legs. Proceed by drawing them along the guide circle as shown.
Step 4: Now onto the front legs this is done similarly to the back legs, howeve instead of using the circle for the guide will be using that line that we created earlier connecting the oval and the circle. We will also be drawing the tail; and that's just two S's connected together at the back of the circle.
Step 5: Now all that's left to do is to fill in the face. Which consists of two eyes, the nose the mouth and the whiskers.
Step 6: Now our Halloween cat is complete and don't forget to color it in black.

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