How To Draw A Chibi Samurai

Samurais seem to have been around in Japanese culture since the beginning of time. They are strong a noble warriors often represented with long swords in feudal Japan. Today we will be drawing a cool mini chibi Samurai.

Step 1: To draw Samurai, we begin with circle drawing, then a slant vertical line beyond the bottom to create a neck then should, both hands, the same line is drawn down to create the body frame and the both legs are drawn.
Step 2: This will begin by curving out the jaw and the ears, follow by the curving out of the actual body.
Step 3: The initial dissected circle, we curve out the hair that is being packed at the back ( is a long hair) and the facial parts-the eyes, mouth, ears and nose.
Step 4: At this stage, we curve out the top cloth, hands and the sword of Samurai.
Step 5: We curve out the Kung Fu bottom cloth that is being flared.
Step 6: Great, we can now color our Mr. Chibi Samurai and ready for the contest!

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