How To Draw A Chibi Nerd

Step 1: We begin with circle drawing ,then make a horizontal line and vertical line which goes down the circle, then draw a “U” letter in a reverse form with a stretch of two little triangle facing right. Next, at the outside bottom of the circle and below the horizontal, curve the neck and a pair of ear. Then, below curve the neck, draw a small rectangle (Note: It serves as the chest).Then, draw a the right hand’s line that starts from the right ear down then move across the chest down to the waist.
Step 2: Sketch out the right and left hands and the legs.
Step 3: Sketch out the hair, mouth and a pair of glasses.
Step 4: Next we sketch out the T-shirt, tie and the book.
Step 5: Now, we sketch out the pant and the shoe.
Step 6: Finally, the Mr. Chibi Nerd is ready to be colored!

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