How To Draw A Lucky Cat

The Lucky Cat or Maneki-Neko is a Japanese talisman that is believed to bring about good luck to its owner. Hence why it is commonly featured in businesses, stores and restaurants. This Fortune Cat is usually shown with its paw raised and comes in various colors such as pink, white, gold, black, red, and green each denoting a different significance.

Step 1: Start by drawing an oval, and another circle right underneath that oval. Be sure to add guidelines in the oval for the face.
Step 2: Draw two curved triangles on opposite sides of the oval. Then draw two smaller triangles inside of the first triangles to complete the ears.
Step 3: Draw a circle at the bottom right hand quadrant of the head. Finish that paw by a round closed curve underneath it. Draw the other paw by drawing a round shape on the left side just below the oval.
Step 4: In this step we are going to draw the coin as a round object underneath the left paw. Also be sure to copy the kanji inside of the coin as shown in the example.
Step 5: Here we will sketch out the collar and the body of the cat. Be sure to follow the guide circle as created in step 1.
Step 6: We will now fill out the facial features. Start with the eyes, the eyebrows, the nose, mouth and whiskers. Also be sure to add some circles below the eyes for blush.
Step 7: All that is left to do is to erase any previous sketch marks.
Step 8: Now we can colors in our lucky cat. White means happiness, pink means love, red protection against evil, black protection from evil, blue and green academic success, and gold prosperity.

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