How To Draw An Angel

Angels are spiritual beings often times thought to be sent from God, and or living in heaven. They are often times represented in the Christian Bible, and most people depict them with white robes, wings and a golden glow.

Step 1: Draw a circle with four uneven quadrants.
Step 2: Sketch a tilted line at the bottom of the circle.
Step 3: Sketch the outlining of the hair along the circumference of the circle.
Step 4: Draw hands cupping the candle.
Step 5: Extend the hair up to shoulder length and draw frills of frock keeping the tilted line at the center of the frock.
Step 6: Draw wings at the back and also draw two oval shapes above the head.
Step 7: Now draw eyes, eyelashes and mouth on the circles.
Step 8: Erase any guidlines or mistakes that you may have made.
Step 9: You are done with the sketch of a cute angel, all you have to do now is fill it with colours.

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