How To Draw Male Clothing Style 3

Male clothing style 3 represents cool and trendy attire. Male clothing style 3 is based on a cool t-shirt and over it is a cool shirt which can be worn on jeans. For the shoes anything can go as far its casual. You do not worry anymore because here is the quickest guide on how to draw male clothing style2.

Step 1: Draw the outline frame of a boy standing with his arm bent and hand at his chest, as shown.
Step 2: Yes, we’re drawing a little cashier outfit now. Starting with the long sleeve top that is much fitted and “a Cross” necklace or pendant.
Step 3: Next, we draw the pants. The pant is straight one and curve out the zip positioning (i.e. in a trapezium shape);
Step 4: Then, we curve out the guy causal shoe with its laces;
Step 5: This jacket makes it superb! We curve out the jacket (known as bolero).It is curved long in the position of the waist length, with wide collar, long sleeves and buttonless;

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