How To Draw Male Clothing Style 1

Male clothing style 1 represents semi formal attire for men. The male clothing style theme represents a formal trouser with a medium sized coat. For the shoes it can be anything as far it is semi formal. Men are fond of classy and neat looks. So, do not worry we will teach you step by step about how to draw male clothing style 1.

Step 1: Start by drawing the outline frame of a man standing with his arms folded, like so.
Step 2: Drawing is simple, we love drawing! We start by curving out the T-shirt with a rolled collar and central button set.
Step 3: Next, we curve out the pants in a fitted shape and with tiny belt.
Step 4: Follow by curving out the foot wears with laces.
Step 5: At this stage, we would draw the double button jacket (known as pea coat) with large button, vertical slash pockets, wide high stand collar, and wide lapels; Step 5: We then colored our cloth!

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