How To Draw Female Clothing Style 6

Female clothing style 6 is all about a casual jacket on a cool t-shirt with the trendy pair of shorts. For the shoes it can be anything as far it is casual. Female are fond of trendy and stylish clothing. So, do not worry we will teach you step by step about how to draw female clothing style 6.

Step 1: Start by sketching out the silhouette frame of a standing lady, like shown.
Step 1: We commerce by curving out round neck short with a short sleeves
Step 2: Next, we draw the short nicker that is bit below the waist with folded edge.
Step 3: Follow by the drawing of the wrist watch on the right hand and drawing of the boots that have a tunnel edges.
Step 4: Then, we curve out a slim fitted “coat” that is unbuttoned and a folded sleeve. Wow, we are set to coloring!

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