How To Draw Female Clothing Style 5

Female are very fond of stylish and trendy clothing styles. Nowadays, there are many new fashion trends and styles. The clothing styles can be used at different occasions such as wedding, parties or other events. All of these female clothing styles are created with hardwork and passion. Female clothing style 5 is about a long sleeves shirt with a pair of shorts and stylish casual pumps. So, does not worry because we will guide you about how draw female clothing style 5.

Step 1: Start by drawing the frame of a little girl standing.
Step 1: We love drawing, it is fun! Now, we shall begin by curving out a fitted and “V” shape polo with short sleeves.
Step 2: Next, we curve out the short nicker (short) with tunnel “mouth” to indicate how big the nicker is.
Step 3: Follow by the flat pair of shoes with squares boxes as a design at the top of the shoes.
Step 4: Bell Blouse! Yes…At the stage, we curve out a blouse top (twinset) with a pair bell sleeves and wiggling at its” teeth”. The neck is in square shape.

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