How To Draw Female Clothing Style 4

It's typical of females to wear fancy clothes. Women are very mindful of the clothes they wear and that's what differentiates them from men. It's a little bit difficult when drawing female clothing, as their bodies tend to have a curvature to them and makes the fabric rest differently. Here you'll be guided on the steps of how to draw female clothing.

Step 1: We shall be drawing a long stop that has neckline, a sleeveless fitted cardigan, shock above the knee and a long boot.
Step 2: To achieve this, we begin by curving out the sleeve top and neckline. The sleeve top is a much fitted one that reaches the neck in a circle shape.
Step 2: Next, we curve out a sleeveless cardigan with sailor collar, a single button and with a pair of front pocket. Note: The Cardigan is longer than the previous top and fitted one.
Step 3: : We then curve out the long sock for the legs. The pair socks are length knee sock.
Step 4: Next, we then draw the boots that are close to the knees.

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