How To Draw Female Clothing Style 7

The female clothing style 7 represents complete winter attire. It starts from a cozy winter cap, warm winter coat and long winter boots. Female are fond of dressing in a best possible way. Therefore winter season is the best time to try different types of cozy clothing. So without any delay, let’s get started on how to draw female clothing style 7.

Step 1: Draw out a female shaped body like the one in the example.
Step 2: We begin by curving out a “Wrap Dress Top”. The button set is slant to the left, with a long sleeve and a “V” neck. Note: The edges of the sleeve, button edges and wrap below edge are curved folded.
Step 3: Leggings! Yes, draw out the leggings to reach the ankle
Step 4: Next, we curve out the boots with tunnel with a pull strap
Step 4: Then, we draw out the headgear. Hey, we ready to coloring our wears!

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