How To Draw Female Clothing Style 2

Clothing is one of the components of modern society. It is different from its own preferences, environment, culture, and nationality. Almost all types of the female are aware of dressing and always think about clothing. Here is a simple guide to on how to draw Female Clothing style.

Step 1: We aimed to curve out cloth for the female clone portrait with sleeve jerkin cloth that reached the neckline with “trench coat” that has six buttons.
Step 2: We begin by curving out the sleeve jerkin top that reached the neck (cowl).
Step 3: Followed by the short pants that are drawn in-between the knees. Note: This is a fitted pant.
Step 4: We then moved to curve out the pair of knee boots with collection of belts for tightening.
Step 3: Next, we draw out the “trench coat” that is above the knee in length and flared at the bottom with butterfly sleeves; and a rectangular six buttons inside while the collar is curved out with a love shape.

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