How To Draw A Serious Woman

A woman goes through various emotions in a day and capturing all of them is only an artist’s job. Drawing a serious woman and converting it into a wonderful artwork is what a true artist strives for. Coming up with graphics that are pure magic needs dedication and focus, but of course without practice nothing can be achieved. For people who are interested in polishing their drawing skills, ere is a simple tutorial of creating a serious woman:

Step 1: The face is a place that expresses multiple emotions and for drawing a serious woman, it is better to start off with drawing the face first for which you will have to draw a simple circle. After that add a horizontal line below the circle so you may get a starting point for drawing the upper half of the lady’s body.
Step 2: Trim down the circle by drawing parallel line and joining them at the bottom imitating the chin. Draw the frame of the neck and the body now .
Step 3: Make big, serious eyes, and facial features to complete the look. Don’t forget to include the ear.
Step 4: Add hair to her head.
Step 5: Draw a frilly blouse over her torso and upper body.
Step 6: In this step add more details to her garments.
Step 7: Erase mistakes and shallow guidelines. Use bright colors to make sure the serious lady is dressed well.

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