How To Draw A Shy Girl

Making graphics and creating artwork is no joke. For professionals, drawing is not just a job but a passion that took decades to be shaped into talent. But these days, drawing sketches and real life portraits has become more of hobby for many and so here is an easy tutorial for drawing a shy woman that will gain you only praises and compliments:

Step 1: Draw a big circle for the face and divide it into unequal parts with a light hand. Below the circle, draw a horizontal line that will assist you towards making the upper half of the body.
Step 2: Shape the circle into a face with a pointed chin at the end.
Step 3: Now extend the circle from the top to make the hairs and a ponytail. • For a more detailed artwork, draw some hairs on the forehead with a ponytail at the back. Also draw her neck and shoulders.
Step 4: Add details for the neck part of her shirt, and chest.
Step 5: Sketch in the frames for the eyes, mouth, nose, and eyebrows.
Step 6: Fill in the rest of the details for the face. Make the eyes look big and bright. Also had curly hairs to the sides of her face.
Step 7: Your shy girl is now ready to color. • Use pastels of your choice to brighten up the sketch. And with this, the drawing or rather artwork of yours is ready!

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