How To Draw A Spiky Haired Guy

Drawing and graphics with perfection is an art that takes years to be mastered. From understanding the right strokes of the pencil to coloring one’s heart out, artwork needs perfection which is achieved only through regular practice. Be it a happy face or a angry young man, drawing figures needs precision and an a will to make the best of things. For those looking out for an easy tutorial for drawing a spiky haired guy, here is what you can do:

Step 1: • Start off with the face, draw two straight, parallel line and join them at the bottom giving you an outline for the perfect slim and pointed face. With this draw a few zigzag lines to show off the hair line of your figure.
Step 2: For the hairs, just get creative and draw asymmetrical patterns of your choice but make sure these are pointed and joined together.
Step 3: Add even more hairs to the side of the hairs we sketched in step 2. Don't forget to add the ears.
Step 4: Add a few layers of pointed hairs to give height to it.
Step 5: The head is now complete, lets move onto the face.
Step 6: Give him some eyebrows.
Step 7: Draw the eye, brows, nose and smiling lips so that your guy doesn’t look so mean.
Step 8: As soon as the face has been completed, head down and draw a neck and a cool shirt that goes well with your spiky haired guy’s personality.
Step 9: This step is optional but you can add some extra details to his shirt.
Step 10: With a few strokes here and there, add more detailing and start coloring it. the artwork of your spiky haired guy is all ready now!

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