How To Draw A Bikini

Watching woman vacationing on the beach in pretty bikinis is definitely an entertaining site. Even now a days one can see cartoon characters wearing superb bikinis as a part of promoting holiday culture and beach vacations. But of course, behind creating such fabulous graphics is tremendous hard work and determination. Drawing and coming up with artwork is no joke so here is a quick tutorial of how to draw a bikini for beginners:

Step 1: Of course, for showing off the bikini, a woman must be drawn first and for this start forming circles and basic shapes for the outline.
Step 2: Start with the shape of the head as shown.
Step 3: Now add hair around the head.
Step 4: Now add details to the face such as the eyes, nose and mouth.
Step 5: Now draw details for the bikini top.
Step 6: Now draw the bent right arm, torso and legs so you can have an idea as where to adjust the bikini next.
Step 7: Complete the hanging left arm.
Step 8: Now complete the legs and lower portion of the bikini.
Step 9: Erase the guidelines you created in step 1. When completed, grab a color of your choice and add shades to make your artwork much more colorful and lively. Hence, the image of a lady wearing a bikini is ready!

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