How To Draw A Ninja

Fights with swords and super high kicks, who else can do this than the ninjas? Through movies and animated films, ninjas have been successful in creating a space for themselves in the minds of people as amazing warriors. From kids to adults, most of the lot is crazy behind this super-active character and so most take interest in drawing them as well. A ninja artwork and graphics asks for patient, precision and an open mind. So here is who beginners can actually make one effortlessly:

First of all make a circle to outline the face, an oval just below it to outline the body and another circle below the oval. Draw two half cone structures in between the oval and lower circle. Make the edges of the cones soft not sharp. On the left make a straight line and on the right make a curved one to mark the presence of lower limbs. Do this for the upper limbs as well and in the same way as the lower limbs are done. Only the position of the straight and curved line needs to be changed.
Step 2: Next draw the hair over the top circle of the head, and outline the structure of the face. Include an ear as well.
Step 3: Add details for the face, such as the eyes, nose, lips, and ears. Intensify the eyes and make a silver headband on the forehead. Create the jacket, arms and sword as shown in this step.
Step 4: Now you will fill out the details of the left leg/pants.
Step 5: Draw out the right leg also as shown in the example.
Step 6: Erase all guidelines and mistakes. Lastly, add dull and dark colors to the outfit. Make the hair black; color the shoes on the feet. Color the band on the outfit green.

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