How To Draw A Woman

Drawing a portrait of woman that looks almost real, such artwork is no joke. For some practicing such graphics requires years of hard work and dedication while now a day’s thanks to the availability of easy tutorials on the net, even kids can draw like true masters. To start off with a basic portrait of a woman, here is what you should be doing:

Step 1: For the face and body, start with the basic shapes. Draw a circle for the face while oval for the torso and straight lines for the legs and arms.
Step 2: Once you have the basic outline, it is time to get started on the detailing of the image. Use the circle to draw a chin and thin cut for the face of the woman, giving it a more realistic look. Don't forget her ears.
Step 3: Start giving details to the entire body. Sketch out the frame of her arms, hands, legs, and feet.
Step 4: Add the facial features to the graphic drawing. Likes eyes, nose and mouth.
Step 5: In this step you can draw her hair in anyway that you choose.
Step 6: We are going to give her some personality by adding a scarf.
Step 7: Draw in details for her shirt. In this drawing we gave her a long sleeved shirt.
Step 8: All that is left to do is fill in the wrinkles of her pants and give her shoes.
Step 9: Dress up your artwork with a cool outfit and pour in colors of your choice. With this your woman is ready to make her appearance! Remember to start off with basic, symmetrical shapes so that the later work becomes easy.

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