How To Draw A Man

Looking out for tutorials to polish your skills and unravel the talent hidden inside you since long? Well than it is time to start with the basic figure which includes drawing human sketches leading to more complex portraits in the future. Those seeking to get their hands on fun and easy tutorials, here is one fantastic piece of guidance on how to draw a man:

Step 1: Well start off with drawing symmetrical shapes that will provide a guideline towards completing the perfect graphics. Draw small circle, below it make a square with flat corners and for the legs and arms, draw straight lines for now.
Step 2: Now start joining all the shapes with an outline that will form the whole body.
Step 3: Start by drawing hair at the top of his head.
Step 4: In this step we will draw in the facial features.
Step 5: Add a shirt over the top portion of the man's body.
Step 6: Draw pants at the lower portion of the mans body.
Step 7: Add shoes to the man.
Step 8: Erase the guideline outlines made in step 1. This is for sure one of the easiest tutorials for drawing a realistic guy for beginners, giving them an opportunity to polish their skills and improve further.

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