How To Draw A Happy Boy

Drawings and graphics can leave a strong imprint of people’s thinking. A good rather a great artwork can change perceptions of majority and change their opinions and so it is important to come up with expressive drawings that touch the strings in the heart of everyone. For some, creating a graphic may be hard but here is the easiest tutorial to make a wonderful drawing of a happy boy:

Step 1: Start off with drawing a big circle and divide it into two equal halves.
Step 2: From the bottom half of the circles draw a triangular shape that will imitate the shape of the chin and lower jaw.
Step 3: On each side of the big circle, draw the ears of the boy and start adding details to the face.
Step 4: Kick off with drawing eyebrows and the eyes, nose and lips that shows a wide smile.
Step 5: Now it is time to sketch some hairs on the top of the circle.
Step 6: Erase all the extra lines so that your graphics comes out neat and clean.
Step 7: Make sure the eyes of the boy are drawn open so its looks as though he is happy. • Pick up a color, brown or black will do and fill in the hairs for a nice texture.

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