How To Draw A Kissing Couple

As romantic as it may sound, drawing a kissing couple is not so difficult at all. those who are well aware with the small tactics of drawing and graphics can easily make their way towards creating an amazing artwork. On the other hand, there are many beginners out there who are seeking for knowledge and ways that would lead them towards making drawings that are truly inspirational and amazing. Here is a quick recap of how to draw a kissing couple:

Step 1: Draw two big circles fairly close enough to each other. And within each circle, draw an oval and divide it into halves.
Step 2: Choose one circle, and start drawing a nose and lips on the side facing the other circle.
Step 3: Repeat the same with the other circle and you will get the basic outline of the kissing couple’s face.
Step 4: After this, overlap the lips and draw closed eyes that will add to the emotions being expressed through the artwork.
Step 5: Once done with this, draw long hairs to imitate a girl and short hairs for the boy and color each figure according to your liking.
Step 6: Finish by drawing the collars of both the boy and girl.
Step 7: With this, the graphic of the kissing couple is complete. Go ahead and draw one now!

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