How To Draw A Muscle Man

Drawing a muscular figure with six packs and biceps is definitely challenging, to get every curve right with the perfect attitude, creating such artwork and graphics is not everyone’s cup of tea. But with this simple tutorial, anyone can easily come up with the best muscular man drawing. Here it goes:

Step 1: Draw a small circle for the face and from it extend a vertical line downwards. Make two horizontal lines, one exactly below the circle which will be longer and one at a little distance.
Step 2: In between the two horizontal lines, draw a big circle for the torso and at the upper two corners of the circle, form overlapping similar shapes on each side. From the bottom of the circle, draw two parallel slanted lines and join them at the end.
Step 3: Connect the body to the head. Then sketch the muscular arms and legs.
Step 4: Add fingers to the hands, peculiar muscles to the chest, and the outline for the pants.
Step 5: Add more chest muscles,
Step 6: Draw the face with eyes and all the other facial features. Hair and an extra bandana will enhance the mood of your drawing for sure. Don't forget to give him wristbands as well.
Step 7: Erase extra guideline marks. Add a touch of your favorite color and Voila! The sketch is all ready.

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