How To Draw A Crying Girl

Drawing and creating artwork is not a child’s play. From graphics for animated movies to simple classroom sketches, it takes hard work to come up with perfection. To express emotions in the best of ways, one needs the right tools and strokes to make things that are inspirational and fabulous. Out of the many emotions that humans express every day, crying maybe the common one and so here is how you can draw a crying girl in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Remember to draw a circle first for the face. Draw a long line from top of the circle and extending it beyond the boundary. At the end of the line, draw half a square and an asymmetrical circle as well.
Step 2: Sketch out the bottom portion of the girls head and ear, from the circle portion of the guidelines. Go on to sketching the neck and upper half of the girl’s body.
Step 3: Add details to the face such as sad eyes with tears to bring forward the real emotion in the image. Don't forget to also draw the mouth clinched.
Step 4: In this step we will add the girls hair.
Step 5: All there is to do now is to draw the girls shirt/ jacket over the top portion of her body.
Step 6: Erase any guidelines and mistakes. Finish it off with your favorite colors and show off your fantastic drawing of a crying girl.

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