How To Draw A Vampire

Despite their scary reputation as blood-sucking undead, vampires are attractive in their own ways. A figure of vampire is, in almost all aspects, similar to human including facial features and postures. It takes several practices to draw a vampire properly, but it is not actually difficult at all. You can master it quickly by following these instructions.

Step 1: We will start by sketching out the body guidelines of our vampire. First create an oval head with horizontal facial guidelines. Connect the head to a somewhat trapezoidal figure which will be the guide for this chest. Then extend lines for the arms and legs with circular balls acting as placements for joints.
Step 2: From the guidelines created in step one we will begin sketching out his body outline in portrait human form.
Step 3: Next we will curve out the outline of his cape, make sure that it is dramatic and pointy.
Step 4: In this step will begin adding facial features such as the eyes, nose and mouth. We will also add hair, and begin finalizing the top collar of his cape.
Step 5: Add some lines to his hair to give it more detail. Give him a scarf between the collar of his cape, and start outlining his jacket to blend in with the cape outline. Be sure that the bottom of his cape has many pointed points, similar to that of a bat wing.
Step 6: Give our vampire some cool large gloves. Then begin drawing in the top portion of his trousers. Also blend in the top portion of this cape with his collar and jacket, also make sure that it has bottom pointy points.
Step 7: Now we will give our vampire some vintage long boots, and add some rectangles to his hands to begin sketching guns.
Step 8: In this step we will add our last bits of detail. We will complete the drawing of the guns, and add creases to his clothes for more fabric detail.
Step 9: Now erase any guidelines made from previous steps, and your dark menacing vampire is ready to be colored.

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