How To Draw A Titan Face

Step 1: Draw a long vertical oval with cross facial guidelines. Extending from the bottom of the circle add lines for a square jawline, and a semi circle extending from the oval.
Step 2: From the guidelines created in step one. Sketch out the long head shape of the titan. Don’t forget to give him ears.
Step 3: Add two oblong box shapes to the upper side of his ears (near his temples). Then sketch out the nose with two somewhat diamond shaped wings to act as the spaces for the eyes.
Step 4: Next we will add 3 boxed like shapes to the bottom of the face. The center part will be bigger exposing more of the mouth, while the side boxes will be more along the cheeks.
Step 5: Add small slanted ovals at the top of the boxed eye sockets. Also add slanted lines inside to the side of the check boxes, and add a strip along the bottom of the mouth box below the semi circle guideline from step 1.
Step 6: Add small circles to the eyes, and outline the eye to make it more sunken in. Also add teeth along the top and bottom of the semicircle guideline, only being exposed inside the mouth and cheek boxes.
Step 7: Now we are going to add details to the ear. Then draw many horizontal wrinkly lines inside of our boxlike shapes, these should look like exposed muscle.
Step 8: Give the forehead some wrinkle lines, and add extra lines all along the face for more detail.
Step 9: Erase any mistakes, and guidelines and you can color in your scary titan head!

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