How To Draw A Shinigami

Step 1: We will begin by drawing a small circle then close to the left hand side, draw an intersecting vertical and horizontal lines. Now, facing left, curve out the nose mouth and the jaw. Next sketch, curve out the next, then curve out the shoulder and the body structure. Curve out the right hand side in a form of greater than”≥”; with the arm touch the waist. While the Left hand is a bit smaller compare to the right hand. This will be curved out in” V”; then, a slight “axe” is drawn with the left arm holding the weapon. Next, we will curve out the waist and the “big hips”. An erected oval is curved for left leg and the rest of leg is draw straight down while the right leg is drawn in a posing form. A partly begin with a small oval shape and sketching out of the leg. Note: In between the leg a Kite shape is form.
Step 2: The face features will be curved out and the “flared hair “.
Step 3: We will then curve out the top armless cloth; and the skin hands.
Step 4: Next, we will then curved out the “axe” weapon to the point of the shoulder and belt and arm.
Step 5: Here, we will sketch out the pant trousers in a flaring form.
Step 6: Next, the flared pant trousers is then curved with series of vertical lines in a slight form and curving out of the head of the “axe” weapon is done.
Step 7: At this stage, unnecessary guidelines will be erased. Finally, time for coloring our Shinigami.

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