How To Draw A School Girl

Step 1: Draw a slanted circle, and a curved slanted line through that circle and down to sketch out the length of the body. Add two horizontal lines to signify the top and bottom portions of the torso.
Step 2: Add two horizontal guidelines for the facial features. Then sketch out the skinny waist of the girl within the torso guidelines, into somewhat of a narrow hourglass shape, with a diamond bottom. Also use the circle guideline to sketch the chin and lower part of the head.
Step 3: Here we will create the neck extending from the chin. Then using start sketching the outline of her arms within the torso guidelines, around and through the hourglass shape. Make sure that her hands are clasped together vertically. Don’t forget to sketch in her legs as shown.
Step 4: Add detail to the top part of her shirt using her arms as a guide. Be sure to add a cute school girl scarf below her neckline. Also add a line to indicate where her boots will begin.
Step 5: Finish adding facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Then add horizontal rectangular lines to complete her skirt extending from that previously created diamond shape. Also add details to her hands and shoes.
Step 6: Give her a little bit more hair in the back, add more details to her shirt, and a briefcase under her hands.
Step 7: Erase any previously created guidelines, and be sure to color your school girl in whatever color you choose.

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