How To Draw A Sailor Scout

Step 1: Draw an oval with rules for the head. These ought to be vertical for the mouth and nose and a flat for the eyes and ears.
Sketch the body utilizing geometric shapes. Utilize a bended line to speak to the body's development, a vertical rectangle for the middle, and an even rectangle for the lower body. Utilize straight lines for the hands and legs (with hovers for joints).
Step 3: Create the state of the body on the portrayed "skeleton." Outline the body and shape the face, hands, and feet. Make a point to characterize the midriff and chest, and have the upper legs marginally thicker than the lower.
Step 4: Cover the body with garments. Draw a mariner outfit with a short, unsettled skirt, huge bows at the back and on the chest (with a round pin at the middle), long gloves staring her in the face and dainty, obeyed shoes on her feet.

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