How To Draw A Warrior

Kids think of warriors merely as fictional characters from comics or games, but warriors did exist in the past in all parts of the world. Although warriors from every nation had their own battle armors, they had at least two things in common: sword and shield. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to draw a warrior.

Step 1: Let draw our Warrior’s hero! We start by drawing a small circle, then a slight left vertical line which goes below the circle(the neck).Below the supposed neck, curve out a square(Chest).Through the chest, draw a slight line that goes across the left and the right little bit. Both edges of the line curve out a slight line down and then move to the left to curve out the arms holding a long sword. From neck line, drag the line straight down and curve out the waist structure; meanwhile, same line will through the waist. Inside the waist structure, curve out a horizontal line to sketch the legs. Note: The left leg is being stretched while the right leg is in folded form.
Step 2: Here, we fully structure out the warrior image as sketched in step 1 to portrait human form alongside the sword
Step 3: Curve out the facial features start from the wiggle and coiling hair; then, the opened mouth
Step 4: Now, curve out the warrior’s regalia (Cloth) which flared left and other warrior’s protective shield including the booth.
Step 5: Here is the completion of step 4. The chest, hands and legs shield are drawn.
Step 6: Again, the sword and a leg protective rectangular shield are sketched out.
Step 7: Both the sword and the right leg protective rectangular shield are properly drawn.
Step 8: Hurray! We are already to coloring our Warrior.

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