How To Draw A Sunflower

Long petals and found in beautiful colors, sunflowers are refreshing and pleasant to look at. From orange to yellow, one can find a variety of shades in this God gifted flower that makes your life colorful and happening. But drawing sunflower can be a hard task for many. Here is a quick tutorial for creating graphics of this pretty flower and making an artwork that will gain you only compliments:

Step 1: Start off with drawing a thing circle which is a little longer in size rather than circular. Draw multiple dots inside the circle.
Step 2: Use the outline of the shape as a guideline for drawing the petals.
Step 3: With a free hand, draw various cone shaped figures that will represent the petals of the flower.
Step 4: Move down and draw a stem by making two yet thin parallel lines.
Step 5: Attach a leaf to it.
Step 6: Hold either a yellow or orange pencil; start filling it with colors. Use green for the leaf and brown for the stem so that your graphics look more realistic.

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