How To Draw A Lotus Flower

One of the most famous water flowers known to mankind is Lotus. A flower with huge petals and refreshing colors, this fantastic piece of nature’s blessings sits quietly on still water. Drawing and capturing the beauty of the lotus into graphics and artwork can only be done by true masters. For beginners willing to improve and learn, here is a quick tutorial on how to draw a lotus flower with perfection:

Step 1: Start with drawing the petals. For this you need to widen your imagination and sketch leaf like shapes.
Step 2: Use a free hand and draw curvy line joined at both the ends to give you shapes like petals.
Step 3: When you have drawn two overlapping petals, next draw a half pointed oval above them.
Step 4: Add two more cute pointy petals.
Step 5: Extend more petals from this shape and you’ll be successful in drawing the outline of a perfect water lotus.
Step 6: Now draw a circle below the outline representing the leaf of the lotus flowing on the river surface.
Step 7: Add your favorite colors to it and bring this artwork of yours to life. hang it on a wall or gift it to a friend, the lotus drawing will definitely gain you compliments.

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