How To Draw A Hibiscus

Ruling the family of flowers, here is an easy tutorial of one of the well known flowers, hibiscus. For beginners, it is their chance to improve their skills and come up with drawings and graphics that are beyond amazing. Here is how you can create an artwork out of simple strokes:

Step 1: To draw a hibiscus, firstly draw a circle.
Step 2: Use that circle as the center for guideline and start drawing petals around it.
Step 3: Add more petals.

Step 5: • Once done, use the same circle as an outline and draw zigzag structure around it, inside the petals of course.
Step 6: • Now extend a big line upwards and draw the stigma. Your outline for the hibiscus flower is now ready.
Step 7: You can of course add more details of your choice and color it with your favorite shades. The more details and colors you will use, the more realistic your artwork will look. The right strokes and practice will help you in polishing your talent and make even better portraits. Once done, hang this beautiful hibiscus image on your wall.

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