How To Draw A Poinsettia

Nature has always been kind to mankind, blessing it with a variety of nutritious foods to eat and flowers to enjoy. Poinsettia is one such flower that has been around spreading love, joy and freshness in the lives of everyone. But of course drawing this beautiful flower and producing an artwork out of it requires practice and right strokes. To make great graphics of poinsettia, here is what you should do:

Step 1: Well firstly start off with making small ball, joined together forming a bigger ball.
Step 2: Make five to six lines with a free hand starting from the bunch of balls, extending outwards. These will form the petals later.
Step 3: Now on every branch or line drawn, make arrows that will give it a texture like a leaf.
Step 4: Once done, draw the outline of the leaves with a shape of your choice.
Step 5: Add more lines stemming from the bunch of balls.
Step 6: Then add another layer of similar patterned petals/leaves to give a flower a realistic look.
Step 7: Once you have completed sketching out the outline of the poinsettia, grab hold of a colors pencil and start filling it with shades of your choice. Use reds and yellows to enhance the beauty of your poinsettia artwork.

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