How To Draw A Rose

A symbol of love and romance, the flower rose is used to celebrate happiness and joyous occasions. From proposing to your girl to wishing a friend on a birthday, a bouquet of roses does the trick for everyone. These smell great and are beautiful to look at, so here is how you can draw a rose and make an artwork out of this wonderful creation of nature:

Step 1: Well to begin with, draw an oval type shape and from the bottom of it, extend a curved line.
Step 2: From the bottom of the oval, start drawing petals of the rose.
Step 3: Use free hand semi-circle and various shapes to draw even more petals.
Step 4: At the top, join the petals with a circle that twists inside as to represent the inside of a rose if seen from above.
Step 5: Now make another curvy line adjacent to the first line to show a thick stem of this pretty flower.
Step 6: Next add leaves on both the sides and use your imagination to make it look more realistic.
Step 7 : Now get hold of red color and paint your graphics with it. Don’t forget to color the stem and the leaves as well!

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