How To Draw A Tulips

As much as flowers add colors to your life, drawing even the easiest of the species can be difficult. Tulips not only smell wonderful but are one famous type of flowers that are used to celebrate various occasions and moments. For beginners aiming at making a career out of still life artwork, here is a tutorial that will help them in improving their drawing and graphics skills:

Step 1: Draw to ovals and from the bottom of each, extend lines that will form the stem later in the picture.
Step 2: Now draw similar shapes on one of the ovals, and each circle should be overlapping each other that will imitate the petals of the tulip.
Step 3: Repeat the same process with the other oval shaped figure, giving you two tulip flowers for further drawing.
Step 4: Move down towards the stem and double each line so that the stem can come forward as thicker and stronger.
Step 5: To add more details, draw thing, long inverted cones at the bottom to represent the grass in which the flowers grow.
Step 6: Once the whole picture is completed, use crayons or pencils for shading. Your drawing of two beautiful tulips is all ready for fixing on the wall.

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