How To Draw A Raised Hands Emoji

All of you raise your hands if you think emojis are cool and using them is a great idea. So all of you agree? This emoji can be use to celebrate something, or to give praise and gratitude. You can think about it as saying Hallelujah or for receiving blessings. Here is the raised hands emoji for you guys.

Step 1: Draw a U shape.
Step 2: Draw a thumb on the right side of the U.
Step 3: Draw four rectangles with curved sides that look like the four fingers of your hands.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 in the opposite manner to draw the right hand.
Step 5: Extend the hands to make arms by drawing rectangle like lines away from the hands.
Step 6: Add 3 ray marks as shown to give the emoji extra detail.
Step 7: Erase any guidelines and beginning coloring the hands any shade that you wish.

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