How To Draw A Steam Face Emoji

This is an angry emoji with a face that looks visibly upset. The eyes are closed, eyebrows frowned down and steam is coming out of the face. This emoji can also be used when one is mad, annoyed, and frustrated. As with most face emojis this one can be drawn easily.

Step 1: Draw a big circle to start this emoji off.
Step 2: Draw the angry eyebrows at an angle as shown in the example.
Step 3: Draw the eyes similarly as done with the eyebrows making sure that they are closed to give off an upset appearance.
Step 4: Now we will draw a frowning mouth.
Step 5: now we are going to draw two steam vents originating between the nose and the mouth.
Step 6: Next we will draw the steam clouds coming off from the steam vents.
Step 7: We just have to clean up any extra lines that we have drawn and now our steam face angry emoji is complete.

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