How To Draw A Confounded Emoji

Confounded means to express anger or showing annoyance. A confounded emoji is a symbol of showing anger or annoyances towards any person, debate or it can by anything. There are different types of emotions in the human beings including the confounded expressions. Therefore, we will show you a simple guide on how to draw a confounded Emoji without getting confounded.

Step 1: Begin with sketching a circle.
Step 2: Now draw curved lines indicating eyebrows.
Step 3: Now draw a half v shape tilted to the left side.
Step 4: complete that v shape tilted to the left side indicating left eye of the emoji.
Step 5: Now with the same procedure sketch the right eye as well.
Step 6: Now draw a horizontal zigzag or M shape that indicates the mouth as guided.
Step 7: Highlight each and every outline

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