How To Draw A Victory Emoji

In this tutorial we will be drawing the victory sign emoji. These are two fingers of one hand gesture denoting peace or a symbol for victory. This symbol can also be used for when you are leaving and trying to say goodbye, or see you later. This symbol can also be used as bunny ears.

Step 1: First create a curved V shape for the peace fingers.
Step 2: We will then draw 2 straight vertical ovals of decreasing size to the right of the V shape for the other fingers.
Step 3: In this step we will create a horizonal open straight oval for the thumb.
Step 4: It is now time to fill out the remainder of the hand. Just draw a long curved half circle from the top of the open thumb oval to the bottom of the smaller finger oval, as shown in the example.
Step 5: To add more dimension to the hand we will create a curved crease for the thumb.
Step 6: This step is just to detail the bottom of the closed fingers.
Step 7: All done, now on to coloring the peace out symbol hand any skin color that you like!

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